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Featured Voices of Power in Guest Appearances   

Meet our three collaborators shining a light on human rights 



Shandel's work with Indarra focuses on the experience of women in the prison system, shining a light on the word hope. 

Shandel has lived experience in the prison system and wants to see all women treated with dignity and valued for their voice.


The focus of Shandel's collaboration with Indarra is on the mental health of women in prison. 


Shandel does amazing work in many areas.


She works with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Toronto supporting women in conflict with the law.


Please consider donating to Elizabeth Fry Toronto, and supporting Shandel's work. 


Peter is the Founder of People First Ontario and Respecting Rights at ARCH Disability Law Centre. 


Peter has dedicated his life to human rights advocacy for people with disabilities. Peter was an instrumental part of the “Eve” case, the famous precedent case of people with disabilities winning the case against forced sterilization at the Supreme Court of Canada. He’s done public speaking engagements on human rights and disability across Canada, the US, India, and many other places over the last 40 years.


Peter was institutionalized at age 20, and spent 18 years of his life locked away from the community in Ontario's institutions, now publicly noted for the abuses, similar to residential schools.

Peter says being in an institution is worse being in jail, as you never  know what your sentence is, or whether you'll get out. Peter was forced in segregation for refusing to take medication. 

From the moment he got out, he has worked tirelessly to advocate and educate on the realities of living in an institution, the barriers he faced, and the violation of rights that occurred while he was there.  


Peter brings love and compassion to his advocacy work. 

Please consider donating to People First of Ontario. 



Mika Hjorngaard is on an academic path, currently at York University studying Anthropology and Health and Society.

Mika has been involved in several disability activism projects including Project Re-Vision from 2013-2015 which focused on telling the stories of women with disabilities.


Mika combines her passion for disability activism with a desire to advocate for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Mika co-chaired a youth LGBTQ+ event in 2013 at the 519 and continues to blend disability and queer activism.

Mika intends to pursue graduate work in Medical Anthropology to give a voice to minorities in terms of health disparities and unfair treatment.


As a person with a diagnosed physical disability, Mika brings to light issues of ableism and unfair treatment with the goal of providing the broader community with a fuller understanding of unfair and stigmatizing treatment often encountered by people with disabilities.