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Sue Hutton is a Canadian based singer/songwriter whose entrancing voice and musical compositions have graced the screen and stage, primarily through the work of her band Rhea’s Obsession. Having grown up in a home with a jazz musician for a father, music is part of her intrinsic make up. Sue spent a year in India and in addition to resonating with Buddhist chants, studied for a period in a music ashram in Benares. Sue also has studied with opera coaches in Canada.

Sue had two critically acclaimed international CD releases with Rhea’s Obsession (Initiation, 1996, re-release 2001, Between Earth and Sky, 2000) that were distributed via Metropolis Records out of the US. Both CDs had music featured in multiple film and television productions, and reached the top of the charts in Canadian college radio. With Rhea’s Obsession Sue toured the US and Canada extensively, having played concerts with the Damned, The Deftones, Switchblade Symphony, showcases at New York’s CMJ, NXNE. Sue also sang back-up vocals in the studio with the Geffen Records artist Days of the New.

Sue’s voice has been featured in television productions such as BattleStar Galatica, La Femme Nikita, Regenesis, Psi Factor, as well as multiple Bravo TV and CBC productions, among many others. With Rhea’s, Sue co-composed the library of music for Daniel Richler’s BOOK TV Network.

Using music as a tool for social justice is also passion for Sue. Sue has led music programs in the disability sector, and continues to volunteer bringing music to people living with alzheimers in long term care facilities. Sue is always eager to use her music to help raise funds for social causes.